Following 30 years working in the print and coatings industry, Elektra, a family run company was Independently formed in December 2013.

While continuing to supply dispersions to the UK printing market, our growing paints division warranted in-house development of a range of universal colourants. Sold through agents, our colour division has continued to grow.

Increasing demand led to a merger in 2017 with Apollo Coatings, a family-run paint and coatings manufacturer.

The merger brought with it valuable knowledge and experience of the UK paints market and an increase in paint sales. In 2018 a regional grant for growth was awarded.

With over 90 years combined experience in colour dispersions, paints and coatings, we are able to offer an expansive range of high-quality, technically advanced systems.

Elektra prides itself on customer care and service - we aim to develop and maintain a working relationship with all our customers.

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